A Year in Review

Another year in the recipe books!
2013 has been quite a year. It has been a year filled with extreme joy, intense grief, and everything in between.  Sweet Eddie and I got married and it was wonderful. We happily became an Aunt and Uncle to both a beautiful niece and a handsome nephew. We devastatingly lost Eddie's loving, brave, funny, charming father.  2013 will be a year that we will never forget. I am so grateful to have had my Sweet Eddie by my side for every moment of it. I would be lost without him.

Throughout the year cookie art has been my therapy. It brings me great joy and some stress while it helps me to memorialize moments, celebrate holidays,  learn about myself, and hopefully bring a smile to some one's face.  On this final day of the year, I wanted to share images from my favorite posts this years. I loved these cookies for different reasons and maybe some of you did too.  So here is to a year of cookie creations:

And a special tribute to my Father-in-law 

As we roll into 2014, I wish for everyone a year of love, respect, appreciation, peace and joy.
 If a cookie makes you happy, may your life be filled with all the cookies in the world.  
Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Happy New Year!

Ugly Sweaters

Happy Christmas Eve!
Recently, Sweet Eddie and I attended an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party held by some cool friends.  Did you know that stores actually sell sweaters that they market as ugly? Some of them are pretty wacky. I like a good old fashioned Christmas sweater that is so loved by its owner that they don't even realize it is ugly.

Being of the Jewish persuasion, I don't own any Christmas sweaters nor was I going to shell out some dough for such a garment. Instead I made my own by attaching some hair bows that I made to a sweater of my own.  It looked ugly to me!
In the spirit of making ugly sweaters, I also made some ugly sweater Christmas cookies to bring to the party. I had a lot of fun trying to make these cookies both ugly and cute. 

Rudolph Leads the Way Sweater

Big Ho Sweater

Gift from Santa Sweater

Snowman in the Wild Winter Sweater

Gather 'Round the Tree Sweater

Whole Lotta Joy Sweater

These don't even compare to some of the awesome monstrosities at the party!

Be Merry and Bright!

Santa Baby!

It is a big year for babies in my family! Both of my sisters brought sweet little kiddos into the world. Baby Ezra was born just a few days ago and he is a cutie.  It is so cool to have both a niece and a nephew now! Auntie Sugar Buff and Uncle Sweet Eddie feel very lucky. :)

Since I am obsessed with babies and my baby onesie cookie cutter, I was compelled to make a spin on Santa Baby Cookies.

Santa Suit
Mrs. Claus Suit
Cute apron!
 I hope she is making cookies or performing science experiments. She can do anything!
The Jolly Couple 
Tiny little helpers
Santa and his crew
Santa relaxing after a long day
And here is our sweet little Santa Baby:
Welcome to the world Ezra!

Happy Holidays! :)

Hello Kitty and Friends Holiday Cookies

Well hello there, kitties!  It's the holiday season and we sure are excited over here at Chateau Sugar Buff and Sweet Eddie!  It is super cold today and there is a big storm headed in, so it is possible I have gone loopy with pre-cabin fever. Is that a thing?  Despite my goofiness, I am happy and looking forward to the continuation of this holiday season, and all the beautiful and delicious holiday treats that I plan to make and enjoy.

Lately I feel that no holiday is complete without Hello Kitty! She is just so darn cute. 

These kitties will be making a journey down south to my lovely Mother-in-law, along with some other cheerful holiday cookies.  
Frosty, Elf, Santa, and Reindeer in Wreaths! 
I used a super yummy mint chocolate chip cookie dough found here at Flour de Lis
Mint, chocolate, smiling faces, and holiday cheer! 

Happy Holidays! Be a good Kitty and eat more cookies!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Is it really Thanksgiving tomorrow? Did we just light our first night of Hanukkah candles? Were we eating latkes while a pumpkin pie was baking in the oven? What is happening?! 

I sure do love this wacky holiday season! 
I made a few sets of Thanksgiving cookies to share with family, friends, and the internet.

A classic collection
A cute and wholesome couple

More Turkeys
And what celebration is complete without Hello Kitty?
These Pilgrim Kittys come bearing delicious dishes for the holiday meal.
I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving full of appreciation, love, comfort, friendship and pie, lots of pie. 
Thanks for looking and thanks for reading. I am thankful for the support of friends and strangers. 
I am eternally thankful for my Sweet Eddie and all the love we share. I am thankful that he lets me take over our home with mountains of cookie decorating accessories, supplies, gadgets, and gizmos.