And They Called It Puppy Love

My Sweet Eddie volunteers at our amazing local animal shelter, The Northeast Animal Shelter. The shelter is one of the largest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters in New England. They have placed a lot of sweet cats and dogs into forever homes. For a little token of appreciation, I made Valentine's cookies for the hardworking staff and volunteers. Not only are they filled with puppy love, but also kitten, older cat and older dog love too!  All of the cats and dogs at the shelter deserve love and they get it from the amazing people at The Northeast Animal Shelter.

Sweet Eddie volunteers in the kennel. He cleans cages, walks dogs, and gives lots of love to all of the furry friends. He is an animal whisperer. Hopefully someday our cat Buffy will let us get a dog. She is in charge around here.

Puppy Love

Kitty Love

Thank you to all the people who work and volunteer at the shelter. And thank you to everyone who adopts cats and dogs from shelters! 
You are sweet and I love you! 
Happy Valentine's Day!