Ricky Gervais Cookies: Kindness is Magic

I love Ricky Gervais. My husband is well aware of this, and he has accepted it. Ricky makes me laugh, cry, cringe and smile. I have seen him perform twice in New York and it was magical. I love all of his shows, podcasts, and articles.  And of course, I love that he has given the world, Karl Pilkington. Oh, Karl. He has a head like a f*cking orange. He is a miserable, moaning, man child. I have listened to Ricky's podcast and audio book guides many times, but I still laugh and enjoy every moment of them.  They really must be listened to by everyone. All people of earth should experience Karl Pilkington's mental commentary on life and hear Ricky's intense laughter.

Ricky has made some truly fantastic shows, like The Office, Extras (one of my all time favorites), an animated The Ricky Gervais Show, An Idiot Abroad, and  recently, Derek.  Derek, like some other shows by Ricky is a mockumentary style program. This show takes place in a nursing home. Ricky plays Derek, who is a sweet, kind, and unique volunteer worker at the home. The show is both funny, odd, and very touching. My beloved Karl Pilkington also plays a role as the always moaning and miserable caretaker. He is magnificent.  Watch this show!

To celebrate Derek being released on Netflix in the UK, there is a contest on twitter to make fan art of the program. I couldn't resist making a few cookies of my favorite characters.



Best Friends

 I have also wanted to make cookie versions of the animated series of The Ricky Gervais Show for a long time.  I love it so. I hope to make more in the future with different scenes from the show. Karl's perfectly round head is hard to resist.
Steve, Ricky, and Karl
 Karl Pilkington
shaven chimp
 For a sample of some of the truly amazing things that Karl says,  click here and enjoy.

To Ricky, with love :)