Happy Birthday, Mom

My Mom shares a birthday with Elvis, David Bowie, Stephen Hawkins and many other lovely people.  It is a special day and she is a special lady. She has a lot to celebrate this year with the arrival of two grandbabies! She is over the moon with happiness and has fallen perfectly into her role as Bubby. 

To wish my mom a happy birthday, I made her some cupcakes and a fun little assortment of cookies that represent some things about her and what she likes.

Sweets for my Sweet Mom
 Happy Birthday, Barbie! You are so beautiful and bright.

You are a lover of bacon, you could eat it day and night.

You have a little bird named Monty, who sings his song for you

And you are the best Bubby to not just one baby, but two!

So enjoy a birthday cupcake! It's a chocolate covered cherry treat.

Happy Happy Birthday, Mom, you are so loving, kind, and sweet!