Damask Baby Shower Cookies

As we know, I love making baby cookies. My onesie cookie cutter works out more than I do.  This set was made to celebrate a baby girl shower. I played off the colors of the baby's turquoise bedroom  and gray damask bedding. I also added in a light pink and white to complete this lovely palette. 

I don't use a lot of tools that would make my cookie decorating easier. I dream about having a KopyKake projector, an airbrush, an abundance of stencils and a clean up crew. That would be amazing.  I was determined to use the damask design on these cookies. Sweet Eddie and I visited several craft stores to find either a stencil or stamp to aid in my task.  I even attempted to cut my own stencils, to no avail.  On our third trip out, we eventually found a nice stencil set to work with. I added my own touches for the smaller details for a sweet and elegant batch of cookies for the celebration.

I am slightly obsessed with the sleeping baby face cookie. They are just so cute and peaceful.
And when they are paired up with the onesies... oy vey! 

Shhhh, baby is sleeping.
Sweet cookies for sweet friends and the arrival of a sweet baby. :)