Baby, it's cold outside!

Even as the polar vortex winds its way back north, it is still in the single digit temperatures in these parts. It is winter in New England! When venturing outside, every inch of skin must be covered. I have a large puffy coat that we call big blue. I look like Violet Beauregarde, but it keeps me toasty. The frigid temps keep us inside mostly, but we have a nice view of snow piles in our parking lot, an abundance of fancy hot chocolate, and a new on demand movie channel to catch up on all the films we meant to watch.  It is freezing outside but happy and warm in our home. A good way to keep our house warm is to constantly make cookies, which I am always up for. I am especially happy to make cookies for one of my first and dearest work friends as he, his wife, and their daughter welcome their new little one at the end of the month. Congratulations to the Lesser Family! I can't wait to meet their snow baby!

The baby's gender will be revealed when he/she is born, so I used the crisp, gender neutral colors of winter for these sweet baby shower cookies.

Skiing Snowmen Onesies
 Happy Snowman Face Onesies
 Snowflake Onesies
Baby Bibs
 Baby Rattles
 Tiny Baby Carriages
Tiny Baby Onesies
Baby Bottle
 Snowflake Babies 
(Creepy or Sweet, I am still not sure)
 And some  Happy Snowmen for this joyous occasion
A sweet, happy, loving family is about to get a little sweeter. 

Stay warm, give more hugs. :)