Santa Baby!

It is a big year for babies in my family! Both of my sisters brought sweet little kiddos into the world. Baby Ezra was born just a few days ago and he is a cutie.  It is so cool to have both a niece and a nephew now! Auntie Sugar Buff and Uncle Sweet Eddie feel very lucky. :)

Since I am obsessed with babies and my baby onesie cookie cutter, I was compelled to make a spin on Santa Baby Cookies.

Santa Suit
Mrs. Claus Suit
Cute apron!
 I hope she is making cookies or performing science experiments. She can do anything!
The Jolly Couple 
Tiny little helpers
Santa and his crew
Santa relaxing after a long day
And here is our sweet little Santa Baby:
Welcome to the world Ezra!

Happy Holidays! :)