A Year in Review

Another year in the recipe books!
2013 has been quite a year. It has been a year filled with extreme joy, intense grief, and everything in between.  Sweet Eddie and I got married and it was wonderful. We happily became an Aunt and Uncle to both a beautiful niece and a handsome nephew. We devastatingly lost Eddie's loving, brave, funny, charming father.  2013 will be a year that we will never forget. I am so grateful to have had my Sweet Eddie by my side for every moment of it. I would be lost without him.

Throughout the year cookie art has been my therapy. It brings me great joy and some stress while it helps me to memorialize moments, celebrate holidays,  learn about myself, and hopefully bring a smile to some one's face.  On this final day of the year, I wanted to share images from my favorite posts this years. I loved these cookies for different reasons and maybe some of you did too.  So here is to a year of cookie creations:

And a special tribute to my Father-in-law 

As we roll into 2014, I wish for everyone a year of love, respect, appreciation, peace and joy.
 If a cookie makes you happy, may your life be filled with all the cookies in the world.  
Thank you for reading and supporting me.

Happy New Year!