It's Thanksgivukkah, Baby!

What happens when you combine the dreidel spinning, latke frying, miracle oil celebration of Hanukkah with the turkey stuffed, gravy slathered, family gathering of Thanksgiving?

This year Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will converge on November 28th to create the epic holiday hybrid of Thanksgivukkah. It is going to be quite the event! This holiday matchup won't occur for another 75,000+ years, so now is the time to embrace it.  Since we live happily in baby land with our sweet little niece Daisy, I thought I would kick off my holiday cookies with a happy baby Thanksgivukkah.  I will take any opportunity to use that onesie cookie cutter.

Take one Hanukkah Baby...

with a happy dreidel and gelt
Add a little Thanksgiving Baby...
 with some sweet turkey buddies
And you get the giblet filled miracle:  Thanksgivukkah Baby!
I know one little sweetie pie who is ready to celebrate.
Hooray for Thanksgivukkah! I am excited, are you?