Happy Thanksgiving!

Is it really Thanksgiving tomorrow? Did we just light our first night of Hanukkah candles? Were we eating latkes while a pumpkin pie was baking in the oven? What is happening?! 

I sure do love this wacky holiday season! 
I made a few sets of Thanksgiving cookies to share with family, friends, and the internet.

A classic collection
A cute and wholesome couple

More Turkeys
And what celebration is complete without Hello Kitty?
These Pilgrim Kittys come bearing delicious dishes for the holiday meal.
I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving full of appreciation, love, comfort, friendship and pie, lots of pie. 
Thanks for looking and thanks for reading. I am thankful for the support of friends and strangers. 
I am eternally thankful for my Sweet Eddie and all the love we share. I am thankful that he lets me take over our home with mountains of cookie decorating accessories, supplies, gadgets, and gizmos.