Happy Halloween!

The day has arrived, we made it! It is the big night in Salem. Thousands of people will descend on our fair city to fill the streets with costumes, reverie, and excitement . It really is quite the event.  Sweet Eddie and I have our costumes ready and we can't wait!

Welcome to the Witch City!

The Witches are ready to cast a spell
And Candy Corn is happy, can't you tell?
The Spiders in their webs are starting to crawl

While the Mummy is there to creep on us all.

The Pumpkin is carved and out on display

And the Bat is in flight and eager to play.

The moon glows brightly over a spooky tree

And Zombies are hungry to eat you and me!

As the Ghosties float by so tranquil and serene,

 I wish you all a truly Happy Halloween!