Eddie Munster!

We sure are having fun in Salem this season!  Last night we visited Count Orlok's Nightmare Gallery for a terrifying stroll through the haunted monster museum. I only screamed about a dozen times as my Sweet Eddie and I clutched sweaty hands and shuffled closely behind our brave friends.

After the screams and the chills, we got to meet the charming and friendly Butch Patrick who starred as Eddie Munster on "The Munsters."  He still has that fantastic smile!

My Sweet Eddie was very excited because when he was a child he was often called "Eddie Munster." He was a bit of a hairy boy and still is. This picture just makes me so happy.

When I heard that we were going to this event, I just knew I had to make Butch some cookies.  How could I resist? I did a title logo cookie and a portrait of "Eddie Munster."

"Eddie Munster" was and still is such a cutie, so I tried to do him justice.
Butch was so nice and he loved the cookies.  I really appreciated him posing with me and them. 
We look cool. :)
Happy Halloween!